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Welcome to website by friends of Rufus j. Faulk for boston city council

Friends of Rufus J. Faulk believes Rufus J. Faulk has one overarching ambition - to serve the people of Boston and represent their interests at the local, state and federal levels. As an candidate for District 7 City Council, Mr. Rufus J. Faulk believes transparency is the key to a vibrant democracy.



What lead you in the direction of politics?



Living in Roxbury, I’ve seen many of my peers become victims of homicide, incarceration or struggle with unemployment and underemployment.


“I don’t want my story to be the exception to the rule, attending college, earning my Masters, I want it to be the norm for young people coming up in the neighborhood.”


I feel we need to make sure we increase access to opportunities.



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Sincerely yours

Friends of Rufus J. Faulk


Program Director (GMI)

Boston TenPoint Coalition


The Boston TenPoint Coalition (BTPC) is an ecumenical group of Christian clergy and lay leaders working to mobilize the community around issues affecting Black and Latino youth.

The Boston TenPoint Coalition’s programs are unique because they:
Focus on some of our communities “troubled youth,” youth that other agencies most frequently are unable to serve. We work with high-risk youth as their shattered lives and dreams are reflected in their violent and oftentimes callous and/or self-destructive behaviors.
Operate in collaboration with other community-based, governmental, and private sector institutions that are also committed to the revitalization of the families and communities in which our youth are raised. By working with other institutions, we reduce duplication of effort.

The Boston TenPoint Coalition is faith-based because faith breeds a sense of hope and provides the nurturing yet structured principles and environment that many youth lack. We are a coalition that collectively aspires to make the “Boston Miracle” continue to work.


Northeastern University

Doctor of Law and Policy



Boston University

Master's Degree, Urban Affairs



Temple University

BA, History




In many ways, Rufus Faulk is the embodiment of what politicians like Marty Walsh and police commissioners like Billy Evans often point to as proof that a street kid can beat the odds.


At 35, Faulk is running to succeed Tito Jackson as city councilor from District 7.

“I am not supposed to be here talking to you,” Faulk told me the other morning in Dudley Square. “On paper, I shouldn’t be alive right now. I am the child of teenage parents who grew up in the projects. My mother was from Mission Hill. My father was from Cathedral.

“But 36 years later, they are still together, both of them working and still involved in the future of the community.”

That foundation, however, didn’t exactly provide a straight line to the future, or even a detour from the streets.

Faulk would leave Boston Latin Academy and get himself arrested before graduating from North Cambridge Catholic High School. He then proceeded to get his BA from Temple University and a master’s from Boston University and he’s now working on a doctorate at Northeastern.

Rufus Faulk has listened to a great many teachers over the past dozen years, but it’s been the Rev. Jeffrey Brown, a co-founder of Boston’s TenPoint Coalition, who has shaped the course of his life.

“What I love most about Reverend Brown,” Faulk said, “is that at a time when folks didn’t want to give a young kid from Roxbury an opportunity to be in those rooms, lead those meetings and lead those conversations, Reverend Brown did. He gave me an opportunity to show that not only do I have an understanding of what’s going on in the streets, but that I could articulate that in a way that could impact policy.”

Rufus Faulk and Frank Farrow, who is managing Faulk’s campaign, both apprenticed as Jeff Brown’s eyes and ears on the streets.

“Both of these guys have an understanding of policy and how things work in the political realm,” Brown said, “but what’s even more important, they have an intimate understanding of what our most vulnerable residents go through.

“I tell people that Rufus is a kind of double threat,” Brown added. “He has a Ph.D’s understanding of urban policy in both the academic world and more importantly, a Ph.D’s grasp of how that policy should play out in the streets.”

Rufus Faulk speaks with a kind of urgent impatience. He says he’s been to more than 50 funerals of young men and boys since coming home from Temple in Philadelphia. Last year, he helped guide Chynah Tyler’s successful campaign to succeed state Rep. Gloria Fox in the State House.

As a candidate for City Council from District 7, Rufus Faulk embodies the visceral voice of a young man who wasn’t supposed to beat the odds … but did.

Statement from the Candidate
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We are at a Town

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In the midst of the trauma and despair the good people in around Dudley Street continue to show resiliency and optimism. Thank you @lizonamission and @evandroforrep for your leadership #DudleyStreetDreams need all of Boston's support.

I started this campaign because I believe a better world is possible. Unprecedented challenges require bold leadership to find the right solutions. Browse through our website or contact us to learn more about the values that drive our campaign.


Friends of Rufus J. Faulk

for Boston City Council

Boston, Massachusetts 02119


Visit the official website:

Phone: (857) 230-0272

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